Due to the short length of each session and the independence of the parts assigned, rehearsal attendance is critical. Musicians committing to play a session and its concert(s) must not moss more than one of the rehearsals, and must attend the rehearsal immediately prior to the concert. Extenuating circumstances may be discussed with the Director. If you are unable to play a session, please let the Director know at least two weeks prior to the first session rehearsal so that there is ample time to find a substitute.

Concert Dress

Standard concert dress is a long-sleeve, solid blue (medium or light) dress shirt or blouse; black dress pants; black socks, and black shoes. For outdoor concerts the shirt or blouse may be short-sleeve in warm weather. Some concerts may have alternative dress requirements.


In addition to your instrument and pencil, some concerts or rehearsals will require musicians to bring their own music stands. All brass players will be required to bring mutes – cup, straight, harmon and plunger for trumpets; cup, straight, bucket and plunger for trombones. Percussionists will be required to bring a wide variety of sticks and mallets.


Musicians will be issues a folder of music for each session. The music and folder are the property of the SMAA and must be returned after each concert. Anyone who loses or damages any music will be assessed a fee of the full replacement value. Please only use pencil when marking music, you will be asked to erase all marks prior to turning the music in.

Part Assignments

The Director reserves the right to determine part assignments and seating within a section and to assign solos. These assignments may change for each concert based on the requirements of the music, applicable musical interpretation issues, and/or other criteria. These decisions will be made solely by the Director. If anyone has a concern about part assignments or seating, they may discuss it with the Director.


We ask that musicians make an annual tax-deductible contribution to the Snowbelt Musical Arts Association to help support the organization in covering the band’s expenses. These include rehearsal and concert space rentals, insurance, sheet music, instruments and equipment, publicity, and a stipend for the Director.